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Art Afternoon Tea at the Rosewood London

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'It’s a Miró,' mum and I both said in perfect unison, nodding at the platter of art-inspired cakes in front of us. Our waiter shook his head. Wrong. I studied the pastry’s geometric chocolate lines and primary-coloured blobs again. 'It’s a Kandinsky,' he told us. 'What about that one?' I asked mum, pointing at a shiny, pinkish blob. She looked blankly up at the waiter who saw we were struggling and gave us a clue. 'He’s here inside the hotel,' he said. I blinked and looked over my shoulder at some of the other guests in the Mirror Room. He meant the artwork. Eyeing our hopeless expressions the waiter gave in. 'Hubert Le Gall,' he announced, and poured our tea....